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What if my child finds the SATs tests too difficult?

'It’s important to remember that one of the purposes of the key stage 2 assessments is to identify each pupil's strengths and the areas where they may have fallen behind in their learning as they head into secondary school.  

The results will help their new school determine in which areas your child needs the most support.  

The tests are designed to be challenging to measure attainment, including stretching the most able children. It means some pupils will find them harder than others.   

It takes three years to create appropriate tests. During the process, they’re rigorously trialled with year 6 pupils and reviewed by education and inclusion experts to make sure they’re the right difficulty level.  

The Standards and Testing Agency (STA) is responsible for developing the tests, and Ministers don't have any influence on their content.'  (DfE, When are year 6 SATs 2024? Key dates for parents and pupils, April 2024)