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About Us

School History

We hold immense pride in our school's rich history, having served Beaford's children for over a century and a half. The school's journey began in 1870 when its first stone was laid, setting the stage for a long-standing pillar in the educational fabric of Beaford. Initially designed to welcome 80 students, the building also served as a church school and living quarters for its educators. This era was marked by Miss Arnold's generous land donation, catalysing the village's educational advancements.

John Westcott emerged as a key figure during this period, intertwining his life with the school's story while also fulfilling roles as a grocer, postmaster, and parish clerk. The 1880s saw the Westcott legacy continue with Julia Westcott stepping into a teaching role, further entwining the family's narrative with the school's evolving history.