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SATS 2024

The KS2 SATs are scheduled for Monday 13 May to Thursday 16 May. 

English GPS Paper 1: questions
English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2: spelling

English reading

Mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic
Mathematics Paper 2: reasoning

Mathematics Paper 3: reasoning

These tests are both prepared and scored externally, and the outcomes are utilised to evaluate the performance of the schools, such as through reports to Ofsted and published rankings. The scores from these tests are combined with teacher assessments to provide a more comprehensive view of a child's achievements.

Since 2016, the KS2 SATs for English and maths have been based on the revised National Curriculum and are more challenging than the tests from previous years. Additionally, a new SATs marking and grading system has been introduced, replacing the former national curriculum levels.

The KS2 SATs were not conducted in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2023, 60% of students achieved the expected standard (a scaled score of 100 out of 120), and 8% reached a 'higher scaled score' of 110.