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Beaford Community Primary & Nursery Academy

 Vision for Information Technology


‘How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose.’

Bill Gates


Computers are now part of everyday life. For most of us, technology is essential to our lives, at home and at work. ‘Computational thinking’ is a skill children must be taught if they are to be ready for the workplace and able to participate effectively in this digital world. Computing is a practical subject, in which invention and resourcefulness are encouraged. The ideas of computing are applied to understanding real-world systems and creating purposeful products. This combination of principles, practice and invention makes computing an extraordinarily useful and intensely creative subject, suffused with excitement, both visceral (‘it works!’) and intellectual (‘that is so beautiful’). Computing in the national curriculum CAS document.

We strive to do this using the Teach Computing Curriculum: The Teach Computing Curriculum has been written to support all pupils. Each lesson is sequenced so that it builds on the learning from the previous lesson, and where appropriate, activities are scaffolded so that all pupils can succeed and thrive. Teach Computing KS2 Teacher Guide


We have a strong approach to staying safe online driven by our school Digital Champions and threaded through the curriculum so all are responsible and safe users of technology.