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Google Classroom

Here is the current information around Google Classroom and how we will be using it to effectively support Home Learning at Beaford Community Primary School and Nursery:

There are two main folders that we will set up:  

  • ‘New this week’ – teachers will set a Home Learning task based on the outcomes of the children’s learning within writing or maths. It will be one of these areas that the teachers feel children need to consolidate their learning further or to deepen their understanding more independently at home.This will be scheduled to go out Friday evening and will need to be completed by the following Friday where the class will have a reflection session on Home Learning and work will be discussed, examples shared and misconceptions addressed.

  • ‘Key Skills’ – we know how hard it is for families to understand the terminology and approaches that are happening within school for your child’s learning. The Key Skills sheet is designed to give you the key vocabulary, information and examples of what will be taught within class over that term. It is a reference point for you as parents/carers and a discussion point that you can have with your child/children. It means you are more equipped to support at home but also to be able to secure your child’s knowledge by being able to communicate clearly and distinctively about what they are learning. It will certainly inform yourselves and more importantly, empower your child.  ‘Spellings’ – this will allow you to have access to your child’s statutory spellings for the year group they are in.

Teachers may put up other materials where they feel it is important to support children with Home Learning.

  •  Home Learning may be an assignment to hand in, material to read or a questionnaire. This will be made clear by the class teacher.

  • Google Classroom is being used to allow access for your child to engage with Home Learning. Feedback will be given verbally on a Friday where outcomes will be embedded, by the teacher and work celebrated.

  • At this stage it must not be used for parental communication. We urge you to speak with your class teacher at the start and end of the day, call us on 01805 603263 or email on

  • Where you can, children can upload their outcomes onto the Google Classroom. Work may not necessarily be commented upon on the Google Classroom but it will most definitely be discussed and celebrated with the teacher and the class.


Google Classroom Login Support Video