Beaford Community

Primary and Nursery School

Beaford, Winkleigh, Devon EX19 8LJ

01805 603263



Devon County Council provides free transport to pupils who live beyond the statutory walking distance and attend the school serving the home address. The statutory distance is 2 miles for children up to 8 years of age and 3 miles for children 8 and over. More details on eligiability, exceptions and appeals can be found at

Where spare seats are available on school transport vehicles and where no public services exist, pupils who do not qualify for free transport may be allowed to travel with purchase of a concessionary ticket.

Parents must arrange for their children to travel in safety between the home and the transport picking-up and setting-down points. They are also responsible for their children while they are waiting for transport and when they leave the transport at the end of the day.


Children who go home on school transport will be guided onto the bus by a member of staff, who will ensure they are seated with a seat belt.

If you have any concerns over school transport, please contact Tamara Dawson on 01392 383000.