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The Facts

100% Attendance

0 days of learning missed

Best chance of success

95% attendance

2 weeks of learning missed

Poor attendance – will impact on learning. 

90% Attendance

4 weeks of learning missed

Very poor attendance.  Negative impact on learning.  High risk of prosecution.

85% Attendance

5½  weeks of learning missed

80% Attendance

At least 7½ weeks of learning missed


For your child to make the best possible progress at school it is very important that they attend school every day. Any absence affects the pattern of a child’s schooling and regular absence will seriously affect their learning.  Any child’s absence disrupts teaching routines so may affect the learning of others in the same class.

Ensuring your child’s regular attendance at school is your legal responsibility and permitting absence from school without a good reason creates an offence in law and may result in prosecution.

The school monitors attendance each month and identifies when a child’s attendance falls below 95%. If your child’s attendance falls below 95%, unless there has been a period of explained absence e.g  due to validated illness,  then your child’s teacher will meet with you to discuss attendance, share your attendance report and offer support as required.

Attendance is monitored regularly by the Local Authority through the Education Welfare Officer. They check and monitor every child’s attendance and look for patterns of absence. The Education Welfare Officer will contact parents of children whose attendance falls below 93%. If attendance does not improve then the Education Welfare Office will take further appropriate action.

 Medical Absence

If you are ever unsure about whether your child will manage a day in school with a minor illness (such as cough, cold or headache), send them into school and let their class teacher know.  We will inform you if they are unable to access learning through the day.   We are also able to administer paracetamol if required.     

The school will monitor medical absences and meet with parents if a child’s absence due to medical reasons reaches a level that is significantly unusual (three or more separate periods of absence attributed to medical reasons within a four or five week period). We will work with parents and other medical professionals to offer support.

Absence in Term Time

The school will only authorise non-medical absences if we are satisfied that there are “exceptional circumstances” which apply.  However, even if there are exceptional circumstances, we can still consider any other relevant factors such as previous attendance rates; the ability of the pupil to catch-up on missed work and the wider impact of missing the specified period of time. When a request is receive the school will consider several factors including the following:

  • Is this a one-off, unavoidable event that is unlikely to happen again in the child's time at school?
  • Are the date(s) requested within the control/choice of the parent/carer?
  • Are alternative date(s) available for this absence within the 13 weeks that school is closed throughout the school year?
  • Do requested dates fall within any crucial period which the school cannot change such as tests of formal examinations? 
  • Where a request is linked to an employer setting dates for leave, is there written evidence from the employer/line manager that this is the case for a full 12 month period?
  • Have families given school sufficient time to consider any request?
  • If this is not the case, do the circumstances warrant this request being made?


Absence Request Form

Attendance Policy