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General aims:

  • Encourage children to appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage by creating a shared culture of a wide range of genres and text types (including poetry) that children will be exposed to in each year group.
  • Understanding the role and formality that non-fiction writing plays in our society and ensuring children have opportunities to write non-fiction texts for real purposes.
  • Having a clear progression of handwriting, spelling and sentence construction to ensure our school curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills in writing. Being clear about the progression in handwriting, spelling and sentence construction from Reception to Year 6 will enable teachers to create personalised ways forwards for children in writing that will allow them to make progress regardless of their starting point.
  • Engaging children in writing through immersing them in high quality texts, multi-modal texts and generating ideas through drama, talk and oral rehearsal.
  • Teachers will follow a clear progression of skills (success criteria for text type) through a writing sequence while maintaining the importance of writing for an audience through following a talk for writing approach in our sequences based on the ideas of Pie Corbett.
  • Grammar will be taught through a teaching sequence and in the context of the text type being explored to ensure it is purposeful
  • Teachers will use shared writing as a way to model more complex sentence constructions and speak out loud about choices in their writing.
  • It is essential that the teaching of writing develops pupils’ competence in transcription (spelling and handwriting) and composition (articulating ideas and structuring them in speech and writing) simultaneously.
  • Children will write clearly, accurately and coherently, adapting their language and style in and for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences
  • Children will have opportunities to write high quality fiction, non-fiction and poetic texts across the curriculum in a range of subjects.
  • Children will have opportunities to publish their high quality writing in a range of forms.
  • Teaching sequences will allow children of all abilities to make progress in their writing through different learning pathways.


Detailed Writing


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