Beaford Community

Primary and Nursery School

Beaford, Winkleigh, Devon EX19 8LJ

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Our aim is to equip learners to work flexibly and fluently with understanding, in order to solve mathematical problems. We encourage children to make and justify mathematical decisions; and to see maths as a search for patterns and smart solutions to real life problems.

Teaching sessions

Mathematics is taught in two discrete sessions across the day. Session one is a fast paced maths key skills session lasting 15 minutes. Teachers identify areas for focus in this session from detailed ongoing assessment against our identified key facts. This session is practical and personalised, with groups of children working on areas they need to develop.

Teachers make professional decisions about the length of maths sessions to ensure the highest quality learning. Our learning sessions aim to develop conceptual understanding alongside procedural accuracy from the earliest stages. Mathematics learning is within the context of a problem or puzzle, or offers high quality opportunities for reasoning. Lessons with a focus on procedural practice outside of a context are infrequent, although teachers may choose to work in this way on occasion.

Detailed Mathematics Curriculum

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